Custom Features

If you need it, we’ll make it happen. Our engineering team are experts at developing unique designs for specific requirements. From basic finger guards, heat shields, and open/close lockouts, to custom lifting points, complex automation, and ocean ready crating… we do it all.

Custom Dimensions

We can match odd face-to-face dimensions, build different inlet/outlet diameters, provide custom bore IDs, extra-long yokes, etc… it’s all possible.


Should your application require greater component strength or unique process compatibility, component metallurgies will be optimized to suit. From carbon steel to titanium, there are very few limitations on material availability.

Wetted Surface Lining

Our standard carbon steel valve bodies can be lined with stainless steel, or a more exotic metal. This covers all internal wetted surfaces, resulting is a corrosion-proof valve design, at an attractive price point.

Body Coatings

Grey49 valves are coated with an excellent ‘marine grade’ epoxy; however, alternate coatings such as Teflon or Electroless Nickel Coating (ENC) can be specified for enhanced protection.

International Flange Drilling

Our engineers are well versed in alternate piping standards throughout the world. We manufacture Grey49 products to suit any specification (ASME, DIN, BS10, etc), as well as custom ‘client derived’ dimensions.

WElded Hard Overlays

To prolong the valve’s service life and provide enhanced wear protection, a welded hard overlay can be applied to surfaces exposed to abrasive media, such as the gate tip, seat faces, and valve bore.