Series 30
Slide Gate (O-Port)

The Grey49 Series 30 is a UNI-DIRECTIONAL or BI-DIRECTIONAL Slide Gate valve. It's slide-through (‘o-port’) gate design provides consistent operation for your most difficult applications.

Series 30 Features


A seat ring guides the ‘o-port’ gate to isolate dense media. Our optional Bi-Directional design adds a second seat upstream of the gate.

Soft seats (Teflon, etc) can be specified to enhance shut-off capability.

Grey49 Knife Gate Valve O-Port Gate


Grey49 gates are engineered to withstand process conditions and line pressures with several material options and hardness ratings. Machined surfaces also ensure proper fitment and closure. 

Grey49 Knife Gate Valve O-Port Fabricated Valve Body

Fabricated Body

The custom-fabricated valve body is precision welded to form a robust ‘one-piece’ component. This unibody design eliminates potential leak paths, body splitting, and assembly misalignment.

Grey49 Knife Gate Valve Packing


Braided square packing materials are application-specific and stacked within a machined packing gland, providing exceptional sealing. Our engineers may specify optional scrapers when appropriate.

Grey49 Knife Gate Valve O-Port Bore Inner diameter


The valve bore is engineered to match the pipe I.D., whether it is Schedule 40 or heavy-duty rubber lined. There are no gate pockets, and flow passes through with minimal turbulence.

Grey49 Knife Gate O-Port Valves are Dead End Ready


Grey49 bodies are custom fabricated with robust flanges and drilled/tapped flange holes. This allows for several installation orientations, including ‘dead-end’ service (no downstream piping needed).


Our valves are manufactured in-house, with mounting plates designed to accommodate any actuator type, brand and model. We also work with clients to provide 'bare stem' valves.

Performance Upgrades

As Grey49 products are manufactured in-house, we have total design control. Our engineers will optimize valve design, materials, features, and performance to meet the client’s unique specifications and special requirements.